curly hair chronicles

when you’re blessed with a burning bush instead of sleek locks, what do you do?

give up on life, that’s what!

my hair is naturally wavy. nice, right? no, not nice.

wavy when styled = bushy when let loose.

so seeing as how i have no time in the mornings and hate waking up early, i’ve spent the vast majority of my days sporting a “give up on life” ponytail and throwing the bush into a bun.

i have been doing this thinking it might not be a beautiful bun, but hey, it’s an acceptable one.

that is, i used to think this… until saturday morning.

as we drove out to an early morning event for my kid, i flipped down the mirror to assess how rough i looked.

“why didn’t you tell me i had crazy hair??!” i asked my husband. there were spikes of half-curls sticking out the top of my head, complemented by fuzzies on the sides.

“but you always have crazy hair! … in fact, when i say your hair looks nice, it means you actually don’t have crazy hair for once!”

truth. hahahaha… the man speaks the truth. it only took 9.5 years to come out.

crazy hair


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