red velvet & chocolate: cake color blocking

i started this blog to talk about my baking, and then i proceeded to talk about writing, crazy hair, internet crazies and bad shoe/sock/pants combos.

even today, i’m not really talking about baking (i.e. no recipes or nunnadat) but i will talk about an easy peasy way to turn your cake drab into cake fab… i give you

Cake. Color. Blocking.

on the outside, it’s all hrrmmm

and on the inside it’s all, mmchickabowbow. a rainbow of red velvet and brown velvet.

red velvet brown velvet colorblocking cake

sounds complicated and shi-shi, but it’s ridiculously simple with an unexpected wow factor.

out of all the cake pictures on my flickr account, this one is surprisingly popular, with almost 600 views. not quite as high of a view count as the pokemon piplup cake or rustic eucalyptus-adorned wedding cake but still… considering how little time this one took to put together compared to the others, it’s a much higher view-to-effort ratio. #NerdinOut

for those who wish for a step by step play by play, this is what i did. maybe one day i’ll actually give you some recipes, but for now i leave you with a concept.

  1. bake a batch of chocolate cake in two 9″ round pans
  2. bake a batch of red velvet cake in two 9″ round pans
  3. mix up some vanilla frosting
  4. then comes the tricky step: alternate the chocolate and red velvet layers with frosting in between.
  5. frost the whole thing
  6. top with raspberries and brush with melted jelly for shine


make two cake batches with different colors and/or different flavors, then layer them together the end.


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