my cousin got murried & i made a wedding cake.

A & L Wedding-204

it was an intense labor of love, as always. this is the fifth time i’ve completed a wedding cake (that didn’t fall apart). but it was the first time i (a) covered a stacked cake completely in fondant (b) made a bazillion gumpaste roses (c) used a fondant lace mold. despite the slight tilting tower of pisa effect, it turned out pretty well considering all these firsts.

it’s kind of amazing how this intensive hobby-turned-side-fundraising-job has evolved, especially considering that when i got married 10 years ago, i basically had nothing to do with my own wedding cake, except to tell my mother i wanted the korean bakery to make it mocha flavored with off-white buttercream. i didn’t weigh in on the design or care about getting a special flavor or toppers or anything. then again, we didn’t have a ton of time to think about every little detail.

a few years ago, i decided start baking for a good cause — fundraising for FAIR Girls, a girl-power anti-trafficking nonprofit where i serve on the board. one of my earliest customers was a stranger who took a gamble on the fact that i had never made a wedding cake, but liked the cause (and my affordable pricing). so i made my first wedding cake, and it even got featured on style me pretty! not bad for a first-timer, huh?

since then, i’ve been able to use my baking to raise thousands of dollars for FAIR Girls. (side note: need a cake? holla.)

it’s an awesomely rewarding thing to create something beautiful that tastes good. but it is also intensely stressful and can basically turn you into a forced insomniac, mean mommy and preoccupied wifey. thankfully, the fam is pretty supportive.

and for luke & arcacia, two key members of our crew of Cuzzins, it was all worth it. i had to take on the challenge, and i’m glad i did. it might not have been perfect, but hopefully it was pretty enough!

A & L Wedding-443**photos courtesy of the awesome linley cohen


10 thoughts on “my cousin got murried & i made a wedding cake.

  1. OMG…is Luke Kim your cousin??? He went to PBHS with me…although I think he was in my sister’s class or younger. What a small world! The cake looks amazeballs!!

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