stories of failure. send me some.

ever since i heard that michael jordan had been cut from his high school varsity basketball team, and endured my own major breaking point at a time when it wasn’t clear when/how/if i would finish college, i’ve been a little bit in love with stories of failure. there’s nothing more humbling than failure, and nothing more compelling than a person who’s had a forced dose of humble pie. but it’s not because it’s fun to watch people fall from grace ungracefully. (although it sorta is.) it’s really more because people can be amazingly resilient when they need to be, and i’m endlessly intrigued by stories of despair that have resulted in triumph.

i’m one of those former reporters who strongly believes that everybody has a story to share, and a life lesson worth telling. so if you have a story of failure, i wanna hear it, and i invite you to guest blog for me. ( — holla) and in the meantime i’ll have to sift through my own multitude of #fails.


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