snitches end up with stitches! …. or something

it’s been a hell of a week, with a random fainting, gash beneath my eyebrow, a black eye, a furloughed husband, and a daughter with an injured foot who hobbled around on crutches for a few days. but this morning, the sun rose, the air cooled, we ditched our stitches and crutches, and it’s clear: things are getting better.

besides the fact that my toddler is in an ear-splitting screaming tantrum phase triggered by reasons only people with multiple personality disorder can understand, i just know this is the day that things are turning around. it doesn’t matter that i accidentally ordered a whole bunch of items on amazon to be shipped to my parents’ house instead of my own and it’s too late to redirect a 5 gajillion-pound rug, or that i forgot my lunch today, or that i left the garage door open yesterday for the second time in a row. it doesn’t even factor that my dog refuses to use the doggie door panel in the screened porch door and instead pushes through a ripped portion of the screen. so what if my son screamed and wailed for 15 minutes in the car this morning? that was just that last bit of getting worse before getting better.

i know that i am regaining my center and finding my peace with the world.

when we commune with the wild horses on our annual camping trip this weekend, i will plan on telling the universe what i want so that it will become so. that is The Secret, after all. so i will speak my heart’s future out loud: no, this trip will not be like last year. i will not have horses trying to eat my hamburger and i will not have 36 bug bites on my legs. i will not spend another night holding up the frame of a tent because we’re in the middle of a crazy thunderstorm and i think we will die. no. there will be sunrises and crashing waves and s’mores to the ends of the earth. my kids won’t get sick and i will drink a lot of wine. i will love my friends and become one with nature.

and it will be so. because that’s what happens to zen-like, glass-half-full, corner-turning people.


like, amaretto tiramisu cupcakes awesome.

amaretto tiramisu cupcakes


5 thoughts on “snitches end up with stitches! …. or something

  1. Love your attitude! Can you send some my way so I won’t want to put my daughter into a cardboard box and ship her to your Mom’s house with the rugs and such — EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.

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