i get by with a little help from my friends

the past few months have held a relatively insane amount of change and general running-around-like-a-chicken-with-its-head-cut-offedness. i switched offices, moved houses, changed kid’s schools, changed other kid’s daycare — twice, got a couple steps closer to becoming a landlord, crashed my face into the shower and went to the ER, almost had diabetes, helped host a baby shower and baked some major cakes.

considering how crazy it has been, i’ve been able to maintain a relatively stable mental composure (i think, anyway), thanks to these coping strategies.

  • drinking delicious drinks. i’ve never been much for drinking a cab with every meal or doing vodka shots at every party, but the wine sure helps make the whine go away. and there sure has been a lot of w(h)ine.
  • baking all the things. besides doing cakes for events, i’ve just been baking for fun a lot. there’s something extremely gratifying about being able to make something tangible with your own two hands that tastes awesome, looks pretty, and makes you fat. i just need to learn to remember to photograph all the things, because as we all know… pix or it didn’t happen.
  • getting hyperactive on social media. the funny thing about moving from an office of 400 to an office of 15 to an office of 2 is that… it’s not really funny. it’s unbelievably boring. so to compensate for the lack of human interaction throughout the day, i have started going to starbucks 2-3 times a week so i can at least say “hi, i’d like a gingerbread latte” to a live person and and i’ve also started posting about 10-20 times on social media throughout the day. this might sound sad, but it has actually been good for work purposes, because i’m pretty sure i can now brand myself as  “social media expert” after hitting 500+ followers on twitter.
  • treasuring family and friends. for the first time in forever, we have a dining table that can seat all four of us at once. this means that we are spending more evenings eating together, talking together and yelling at each other, and that’s a good thing because a family that eats together stays together. and since we’ve moved out to an area i like to call “might as well be iowa,” we’ve still been able to have friends over, go out and hang out in our old stomping grounds, and generally stay connected. thanks to gchat, friends EVERYWHERE can hear my daily complaining monologues!

what are your tried-and-true strategies for staying sane when you want to die and hate yourself for taking on too much?


3 thoughts on “i get by with a little help from my friends

  1. smash a tennis ball. or a hundred. oh, and, put it all down on a list so you can have the satisfaction of checking it all off. tried and true.

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