i have photographic evidence that miracles are real.

something magical and amazing is going on here. at first, i thought it must be a fluke. then i thought surely it was an alignment of the stars that only happens twice a year. but on the third time, i figured it must be safe enough to talk about without jinxing it. (and then it even happened a fourth time. un.believable.)

in this time of psychological weariness and challenge, this time of stress and despair, a sign came from heaven to keep hope alive.

i never thought this would ever happen. but FOUR WHOLE TIMES this past week, the heavens opened up, the angels sang… and my toddler child — a tubby little human who somehow subsists on the staples of “cocoa” (chocolate milk) and “putella bwead” (nutella on toast) — ate baby carrots.





you don’t understand. this is monumental. (sure, he’ll eat vegetables at school… but never, never ever ever at home.)

the closest i’ve gotten to having our dear leader eat vegetables is by blending up spinach into green smoothies. i considered that sneaky move a huge huge feat. but to have him eat whole, unblended, raw vegetables was something i considered unthinkable. impossible. no way.

it is a new year’s miracle.

and now that i’ve written about it, it’ll probably never happen again.



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