friday favorites (or sunday savor-its?)… and hate-its

ok, i realize it’s not friday, but i started this on friday, when i felt like organizing my life into things i love and things i hate. just like my 2nd grade journal entries, i’m going to start dividing everything in my life into two columns:

🙂 for favorites. and 😦 for hate-its.

so consider this your sunday savor-its and hate-its. close enough.

the favorites:

  • my husband – this spouse of mine totally battled and fixed my car after it wouldn’t start last weekend. using his powers of deduction, fierce determination, brute force and mad cursing like a sailor, he made the darn thing work. runs like a dream. i love him for other reasons too but i was particularly impressed by this feat.
  • dunkin donuts iced coffee – after so many harsh snow storms, these 50-degree days feel downright summery. it’s been good to get back into dunkin’s iced coffees again. they give me so much joy. of course it’s about to snow again fml. i knew i should have bought more  pairs of fleece-lined tights. which brings me to
  • fleece-lined tights – do you KNOW how awesome these amazing things are? i had never even heard of such a thing as fleece-lined tights until a person on twitter mentioned them, and now my life will never be the same. (and i have tweeted no less than 4 times exuberantly proclaiming this truth discovered via a stranger.) most pairs are $4-6 at burlington coat factory. ridic. warmer than most of my dress pants, even. and it’s especially useful to have warm tights for work-appropriate outfits when the ground gets snowy/salty/slushy/gross. gone are the days that i have to choose between freezing in normal tights or awkwardly squishing dress pants into tall boots.
  • friday night’s insanely awesome concert – i still can’t get over it, and it kills me that only 4 people i know can fully understand how unreal it was. 5 major artists sat together on stage and took turns performing with just their voices and guitars, playing all these hit songs — most of which are currently in rotation on the radio. but you wouldn’t know them, because you don’t like country music. but it was. so. good. it felt like reliving a visit to the honkytonks in nashville, only with actual real already-made-it country stars.

    we afterpartied at a nearby dive, then on the walk back to the car, a bearded guy walking by complimented my rockin boots. i was like “thank you!” and then realized just hours earlier he had performed his #1 single from january onstage in front of the sold out crowd that we were part of. wut. da. so we chatted with him for a bit. and he even tried to see if we knew some other songs that he wrote, but were chart toppers sung by other people. of course, i didn’t recognize half the songs by their title, so he sang parts of them. HE SANG TO US. turns out, i did recognize all the songs. it was amazing. and then the local country station RTed my photo. #weekendwuzmade

and now…

the hate-its:

  • sunday nights – sunday nights suck, but especially when work deadlines loom and the stress kicks up a notch. thankfully there are encouraging posts on the interwebs like this one, which reminds overly perfectionist people, particularly writers, to allow your first draft to suck. it’s along the same lines of insight as this one, which i read just a couple sundays back in another bout of stress.
  • exercise – actually, i probably can’t even legitimately say that i hate exercise, because i haven’t been doing it. but after buying a month’s access to a fitness center and not going  even once, i feel like i am doomed to fat. the potential diabetes scare didn’t change my behavior one bit. what’s up with that? the closest i’ve come to exercising has been doing 50-100 squats of rage every day for about 1.5 weeks straight. i guess that counts for something?
  • candy crush – i am convinced i’m going to waste my life away because of this game. i love it, because it takes my mind off of annoying things, but i hate it because WHY DO I HAVE TO PASS EVERY LEVEL??! why?? i don’t typically play during the day, but i have foregone many hours of sleep due to this ridiculous game. maybe admitting this shame will force me to rethink my priorities, and i don’t know, actually do stuff that’s worthwhile. or maybe i will just redirect that time into watching real housewives.

until next time…


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