once again my friday favorites have become monday mfavorites

it’s been a while since my last (and first) installment of favorites, so it’s about time i catch this thang up.

the favorites:

  • lists — i’ve discovered the solution to all my problems, and the answer to every question is lists. (“lists, eh? i’m always making lists,” liam neeson to ricky gervais around 1:15.) this simple lifehack should deserve a post all its own, but i am basically training¬†myself to keep¬†two sets of very thorough lists. already, this system has made a significant impact on my habits and has helped keep¬†me more productive and somewhat less stressed.
  • exclamation points — i’m actually not a huge fan of exclamation points, especially in marketing and communications materials. they lend a sense of over-(read: fake)enthusiasm and reek of trying to manufacture excitement when word choice falls short. how.ever. i have deliberately started to sprinkle more exclamation points into emails, and i believe it’s making me sound less mean and more¬†cheery. even though perky cheer is the antithesis of my being, i think¬†exclamation points are effectively helping¬†ensure that my tone does not come off too brusque! see what i did there.
  • growing things aine inspired me to grow some fish peppers, which are apparently native to the baltimore area and great hot peppers, originating from slaves and free blacks in maryland way back in the day who used the peppers to spice up creamy seafood sauces. so i bought a packet of seeds. and now they are germinating, along with some tomatoes, and i’m freaking out. i truly hope they don’t die. for now, they are all aliiiive!
  • new stuffs — got a nice new suv¬†that¬†has fancy bluetooth, backup camera and steering wheel button action going on. cars have come such a long way in 10 years. i remember when we used to hand crank our windows… now these cameras and bluetooth thingies come standard on the lowest base models? craycray. i also upgraded my phone to a galaxy s 5 one week before my upgrade date at costco for a reasonable price. hooray for costco!

the hate-its:

  • mondays –– the weather is finally beautiful but gawd. mondays. ugh. also i feel like i slept like crap over the weekend which makes today feel worse than it should.
  • ants — they’ve been invading my office and my environmentally friendly coworkers are definitely judging my use of toxic ant bait, but it’s only because they haven’t seen how toxic my paranoiaphobia gets when bugs take over my life. thankfully the bait seems to be working, for the most part.
  • trucking through¬†— four more days til nashville. feels like an eternity. let’s do this.


4 thoughts on “once again my friday favorites have become monday mfavorites

  1. omg i also love/hate the exclamation point! I learned this trick from a russian colleague who’s signature read:


    So you might get an email that read:
    “What you have just asked me to do is insane, I have never heard such nonsense in my life.


    This trick is amazing. I use it every. single. day.

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