scenes from assateague island: wild ponies, endless rain

down east on the coast, where maryland meets virgina, just on the other side of the bridge from the mainland, you might be treated to the sight of wandering wild horses right away if you are lucky.

road to assateague island

every year, we plan a camping trip to this beach to commune with nature, pitch a tent on the sand where we can fall asleep hearing the waves, and do fun things like scream when the seagulls attack and try to scare the horses away to stop them from stealing hamburger buns off our picnic table.

this year, we went in the middle of an obnoxious rainstorm.

for two out of our three days, the rain came and went, off and on, with little breaks here and there. just enough to be annoying and drench the firewood, but not enough to send us packing.

still, it was beautiful.

i was glad to be reminded of the expanse and wonder of the ocean.

assateague beach


so were the kids.

assateague beach


thankfully this time, we didn’t have to fight any horses away from our cooler and my daughter didn’t almost get trampled by misty of chincoteague. there weren’t as many ponies that usually roam the campgrounds, actually. we hung out with just a few of them nearby.

assateague ponies


there was fire. the best part of camping is the fire and the mess of s’mores and dough boys.



on our last morning, we awoke to a gorgeous sunrise. actually, we missed the actual start of the sunrise and couldn’t see the sun, but did catch God’s fingers coming through the clouds.

with the lullaby of the waves and the joy of finally catching a blue sky and sunlight, it was a wonderful time of comfort and peace amidst the wet sleeping bags, sandy shoes, cold rain, and smoking logs that wouldn’t catch fire.

can’t wait to go back again.

assateague island beach sunrise



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